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Manufacturing deliverables provide NC programs for machining operations done on milling centre, lathes and wire cut machines with complete shopfloor documentation. Manufacturing Solutions include tool Path Generation (NC/CNC Codes) and simulation using CAD Models for milling upto 5-axis. Software used includes ProEngineer and Unigraphics, which are currently leading software for all types of manufacturing activities. Electrodes required are modeled digitally and NC programs for electrodes can be also generated.

Our experts from the field of manufacturing ensure reliable optimum and gouge free toolpath. Complete mathematical and simulation checks are done before the toolpath is post-processed for CNC codes.

Advantages of our CNC Programming

Optimum tool path.
Gouge free and reliable.
Faster output, faster change implementation.
Tool path for longer tool life.
Special care for surface finish and accuracy taken.
Programming done by expert professional.
Shopfloor documentation.

Electrode Design

The sparking operation is an important process in completion of Injection moulds and die-casting dies. Our services for the design of electrodes include

Electrode design and modeling.
Wire cut drawings.
CNC programs for electrode considering spark gap.
Shopfloor documentation includes reference sketches for sparking with location and positional dimension and electrode assembly exploded view for CORE INSERT of a die-casting die.

As part of our aim to provide complete solutions, we have extended our services in actual CNC machining. Our expertise in the field ensures in rapid completion of project with any bottlenecks being sorted out in most seriousness and with speed. We have tie-up for several machines of different configuration to ensure all your needs can be met.

CNC milling machines available under tie-ups

Deckel vertical milling machine XYZ=600*450*450 2 nos.
Makino highspeed milling machine XYZ=650*400*400 1 no.
Supermax vertical machine XYZ=650*410*610 1 no.
Chavelier Vertical milling machine XYZ=850*500*500 1 no.
Dahlih vertical milling machine XYZ=2100*850*760 1 no.
Makino S56